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Remodel/addition services for the homeowner

Remodeling or adding on to your home is complex and there is a lot at stake. We're on your side, helping you manage that complexity and making sure you end up with a home tuned perfectly for you.

Addition and remodeling projects vary significantly in scope and complexity. It is necessary to discuss both appropriate services and the project's complexity in order to determine the fee. The a la carte format is designed to allow the selection of only those services that are beneficial to the project. The applicable services are jointly selected at the outset of the project and the fee is set accordingly.

Residential Remodel and Addition Design Services

Initial discussion  
Zoning study
Budget / schedule discusion
Measure / photograph existing conditions
Draw existing conditions
Schematic design
Site plan schematic  
Floor plan schematic  
Exterior elevation schematic  
Review meeting  
Post-meeting revision (as needed)  
Review meeting (as needed)  
Design development
Developed site plan
Developed floor plans
Developed exterior elevations
Roof plan schematic  
Cross sections (2) - schematic  
Wall sections (typical) - schematic
Review meeting
Construction documents
Final site plan
Final floor plans
Final exterior elevations
Final roof plan
Final foundation plan
Final floor framing plans
Final roof framing plan
Final cross sections (2)
Final wall section (typical)
Final wall section (up to 2 additional)
Door schedule
Window schedule
Interior detailing (elevations)
Electrical plans
Energy code compliance proof
Bid assistance
Contract assistance
Site visits - monthly
Site visits - weekly
Sample / submittal review
Payment application review

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