Tuned Architecture
True to your vision—High-Fidelity Design

Services for the Contractor or Developer

Whether you are building for a client or building "on spec," Tuned Architecture is there to help. Let us know what level of services you're looking for and we'll tune right in to what you need:

Permit Set

Got almost all of the planning and design done already?

If your floor plan and elevations are solid and just need to be turned into a drawing set for building permit submission, click the button below and we'll show you what we can do for you.

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Design Development

Got some ideas about how you want things to go together? Some strong and some pretty vague yet? No problem, click below to see how we can get started with paper sketches or guided conversations.

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Design From Scratch

Click below if you are coming to the experience with no strong design notions and are open and looking to explore options, suggestions, and the creative process.

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