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Architecture services for the homeowner

Designing and building a home of your own is complex and there is a lot at stake. We're on your side, helping you manage that complexity and making sure you end up with a home tuned perfectly for you. We start by making it easy to choose the level of services that you need.

Select one of our three service packages from the menu below, enter the number of square feet you are planning on, and we'll tell you the price up front.

We also offer design services for residential remodels and additions.

Service package notes

The Basic package is appropriate for simpler, more straightforward projects. It requires that the Owner have a fairly clear idea of the design direction, and the architectural and structural solutions must be reasonably clear cut.

The Standard package is appropriate for projects that are more involved or complex. These projects demand more design exploration and effort and require a greater degree of drawing documentation.

The Plus package is appropriate for projects that are more complicated, or where the Owner desires the design to be worked out more fully before bidding and construction. These projects receive a high degree of design and design detailing.

Residential Design Services Menu

Service Basic Standard Plus
Initial discussion X X X
Programming X X X
Zoning study X X X
Budget / schedule discusion X X X
Schematic design
Site plan schematic   X X
Floor plan schematic   X X
Exterior elevation schematic   X X
Review meeting   X X
Post-meeting revision (as needed)   X X
Review meeting (as needed)     X
Design development
Developed site plan X X X
Developed floor plans X X X
Developed exterior elevations X X X
Roof plan schematic   X X
Cross sections (2) - schematic   X X
Wall sections (typical) - schematic X
Review meeting X X X
Construction documents
Final site plan X X X
Final floor plans X X X
Final exterior elevations X X X
Final roof plan X X
Final foundation plan X X X
Final floor framing plans X X
Final roof framing plan X X X
Final cross sections (2) X X
Final wall section (typical) X X X
Final wall section (up to 2 additional) X
Door schedule X
Window schedule X
Interior detailing (elevations) X
Electrical plans X
Energy code compliance proof X X X
Bid assistance X
Contract assistance X
Site visits - monthly X X
Site visits - weekly X
Sample / submittal review X
Payment application review X

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