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You're new to this and maybe a little uncertain about what to expect. We will keep you informed throughout the process and make sure you are comfortable with the terms and steps of the process. To get you started, here is an outline of what we'll be working on together to complete your project:

  1. Programming
    We'll get to the essence of your project and what you need. We explore not only what you need in terms of spatial requirements and relationships, but what you want in terms of image and feel.
  2. Schematic design
    Now that we have a good idea of what you want and need, we begin to develop the floor plans and elevations. The primary focus is the floor plan layout and the massing and proportions of the elevations, but we also start thinking about things like materials and colors
  3. Design development
    Once the floor plan is fairly well established and the forms and shape of the exterior elevations are in place, we push the design forward in terms of materials, construction systems, and details.
  4. Construction documents
    Once the design is developed, we take all of the decisions made in the previous steps and create the drawing set that will be used to procure the building permit, get bids from contractors, and construct the project.
    1. Site plan — may show the positioning of the building on the site, the parking lot layout, landscaping, and utilities
    2. Floor plans — show the floor plan layout including dimensions, notes, and details related to the floor plan
    3. Exterior elevations — show all outside faces of the building including notes, dimensions, and details related to the materials and construction of the building
    4. Building sections — show “slices” through the entire building to illustrate three dimensional relationships and construction systems and details
    5. Wall sections and details — smaller “slices” through portions of the building to show construction details and systems
    6. Structural engineering — the structural systems for the floors, walls, and roof
    7. Mechanical engineering — the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems
    8. Electrical engineering — the electrical systems, including power and lighting distribution
    9. Plumbing engineering — the plumbing systems, including piping and fixtures
  5. Bidding and negotiation
    The next step is obtain bids for constructing the project from multiple contractors. Once bids have been received, we review them for completeness adherence to the drawings and give you our feedback to help in your decision.
  6. Construction administration
    Once construction starts, we visit the site to make sure the quality is acceptable and the design is being followed. We review payment applications for fairness and review shop drawings and submittals for quality and make sure the builder is adherring to the intent of the design.

Tune up your design: Uncertain? Anxious? Not to worry, we're here to help.
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