Tuned Architecture
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Architecture services for the business owner


You have gone through this process before and know the steps and the terms. We won’t waste your time or bore you explaining things you already know. Outlined below is the process we will take with you.

  1. Programming
    We'll get to the essence of your project and what you need.
  2. Schematic design
    Now that we have a good idea of what you want and need, we begin to develop the floor plans and elevations.
  3. Design development
    Refine and finalize schematic design
  4. Construction documents
    We can produce the following, as needed:
    1. Site plan
    2. Floor plans
    3. Exterior elevations
    4. Building sections
    5. Wall sections and details
    6. Structural engineering
    7. Mechanical engineering
    8. Electrical engineering
    9. Plumbing engineering
  5. Bidding and negotiation
    Solicit bids from multiple contractors
  6. Construction administration
    Site visits, review of payment applications and shop drawings

Tune up your design: We'll make this as painless as possible.
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