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Design From Scratch

You know roughly what you want your project to be, but it is all in your head at this point. We will start from square one, sitting down and learning about you, your business, your ideas, and your desires. From there, we will develop floor plan and elevation ideas for your consideration. Once the direction for the floor plan and elevations have been set, we continue to refine the design, select materials and systems, and add details to end up with a set of construction drawings suitable for bidding and building permit.

  1. Programming — learning the essence of the project and what is needed
  2. Development of a schematic design (floor plan and elevations) based on the programming
  3. Design Development — Furthering and finalization of the schematic design fully considering materials and systems
  4. Production of construction documents, including:
    1. Site plan
    2. Floor plans
    3. Exterior elevations
    4. Building sections, as needed or directed
    5. Wall sections and details, as needed or directed
    6. Structural engineering
    7. Mechanical engineering
    8. Electrical Engineering
    9. Plumbing engineering

Optional: Bidding assistance — review of contractors' bids to determine compliance with drawings in an effort to get to an apples-to-apples comparison of bids.

Optional, but recommended: Construction administration — site visits for quality assurance and adherence to the drawings, payment application review, and shop drawing/submittal review for design/drawing compliance.

Tune up your design: We know there's a lot to do and we can help.
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